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This Changeling Self

A magical story of love and loss recorded on location at the Edinburgh Festival inspired by the Scottish myth 'Tamlin and the Fairy Queen.'

The festival was always a place she liked to wonder. She could be there in full view and no-one thought she was more than a performer. She could catch people out, half-drunk some of them would do anything, go anywhere. And she took them. She used it as a time to cross over, let them have some of the songs she kept, some of the stories she knew. But this man, this one she wanted to keep.

If you want to remember what it feels like to disappear into the Edinburgh Festival...

Winner of a Prix Marulic 2021

'In Linda Marshall Griffiths’s modern retelling of the Scottish folk ballad of Tamlin — who loses his heart to the Queen of the Fairies — Tam is a pianist in a show on the Edinburgh Fringe.He meets a woman who sweeps him off his feet. But is he really falling, or is this what love feels like? Does he fly over the city, or is it a dream?Virtuoso story-telling draws you in and, before you know it,the urgent performances of Christine Bottomley as She and Sacha Dhawan as He have you believing in fairies.'

Radio Times

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This Changeling Self by Linda Marshall Griffiths

This Changeling Self by Linda Marshall Griffiths

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