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The Secret Garden

A contemporary re-telling of the classic Yorkshire story, commissioned by the Leeds Playhouse, and developed at the National Studio. Re-telling the story through the eyes of a Syrian refugee girl who finds a secret garden right in the middle of Leeds.  Performed in English, Arabic and British Sign Language.


Directed by Amy Leach, Associate Director at the Leeds Playhouse. 2024.

Linda Marshall Griffiths The Secret Garden Leeds Playhouse adaptation Amy Leach


I didn’t tell you.

All this             all this…

The whole city.

It was once the great forest of Elmet.

All of it.

The undulations (I love that word)...

Held thousands on thousands of elm trees.

I’s been gone so long no-one remembers.

But if you listen…

If you really listen,

Some days some days…

You hear it.


It's not ghosts.

It's the echoes - they're trying to wake us.


That’s the wuthering – it’s calling us back to life.

The Secret Garden - adaptation by Linda Marshall Griffiths

The Secret Garden Linda Marshall Griffiths

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