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​​No Place But the Water   

Podcast Series on BBC Sounds, Spotify, Apple

& Audible US


'This is actually one of my favourite BBC Drama Podcasts - it's one I'm really loyal to.

If people asked me to recommend a podcast - it's the one I will go to.'


Series 1 - The Hotel at the End of the World

There is a hotel on the edge of the water, run by a messy family of dreamers in the middle of nowhere. There is also a pig called Barking. But the food is running out and Birdie thinks they are being watched. And then there's the angel.

Series 2 - Ghosts of the Future

The angel is gone and the rain keeps coming. Cal wants to find his dad and Birdie has been having bad dreams. Now it's time to find out both what's beyond the hotel and what the hotel is still hiding.

Series 3 - The Library of Everything 

Jessie and Cal find a floating city and Birdie goes looking for the angel.But in this Library of Everything what comes after is more dangerous than what came before.

'Love the family dynamic - that's what sets it apart. At the heart of it - it has a family.

It's really interesting, really unique. The young actors are brilliant.'


​When there is no place but the water, where do you go?

‘No Place but the Water’ is a speculative magic-realist cli-fi drama podcast series that begins at an abandoned hotel at the end of the world. But the hotel has a secret. Told through the eyes of three kids - Birdie, Jessie and Cal - they set out on a journey that will change everything. But the hotel itself seems to be alive, sometimes offering its secrets but also stalking the family with its mirrors, secret places and shadows of what happened in the past. Ultimately they will discover that the hotel and the world beyond it, hold not only tragedy but hope for a new kind of life.

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

Sound Design by Steve Brooke & Sharon Hughes.

Linda Marshall Griffiths No Place but the Water BBC Podcast Radio 4 series

'Drawing on the magic-realism of Gabriel García Márquez and the horror of Stephen King;the hotel itself has a strange hold on the occupants,extolling visions from the past like a climate-conscious version of The Shining’s Overlook. An intelligent drama with heart.'

Radio Times

'Marshall Griffiths' encapsulates all that is good and bad in people, returning the listener  to Auden’s poetic words, but with a caveat: to love the Earth too.'

The Observer

In the future - could this really happen?

With: Sade Malone, Poppy O'Brien, Cel Spellman, Jenny Platt, Rupert Hill

& Pearce Quigley.

And guests: Vinette Robinson. Gabriella Tuicicia. Nico Mirallegro. Hamish Rush. Remmie Milner

& William Ash.​

No Place But the Water - Linda Marshall Griffihts

No Place But the Water - Linda Marshall Griffiths

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