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The Sky is Wider - a binaural experiment in sound

When Ella is asked questions pointing her towards places and memories, she begins to realise that the world she lives in now is just the imagined life of her mind and in reality she is in hospital in a minimally conscious state. Ella realises that these questions, posed by a neurologist, are attempts to discover whether she is conscious and that her possible answers are her only way to communicate with others, especially with her daughter, Charlie, who has her own questions that desperately need answers.

Directed by Nadia Molinari

Linda Marshall Griffiths The Sky is Wider Best Single Drama Radio 4 Christine Bottomley Anil Seth binaural

The Sky is Wider was developed through Wellcome Experimental Stories in consultation with Anil Seth (Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience and co-director at Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex). The drama was inspired by the themes of the current States of Mind exhibition at Wellcome Collection in London which explores the nature of consciousness and runs until 16th October 2016.

'Her radio play The Sky is Wider, focusing on a woman in a minimally conscious state, got right inside the character’s head. And mine. It makes me lick my lips at the prospect of her next stage play.'

The Guardian

Winner of the Best Single Drama and Best Actress for Christine Bottomley (below), BBC Audio Drama Awards 2017, Finalist Prix Europa and Aria Awards 2017.


The Sky is Wider - Linda Marshall Griffiths

The Sky is Wider - Linda Marshall Griffiths

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