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Pomegranate - at Manchester Royal Exchange

When Phylis comes home after running away with her daughter's boyfriend, she has to face her demons. Daughter Denise wants revenge, mother Dahud wants to find her lost child and Phylis wants to put her past benind her once and for all. 

This contemporary re-telling of Persephone explores a story of mothers, myths and memories.

Linda Marshall Griffiths Pomegranate Royal Exchange Manchester Susan Smith Blackburn Award Pearson

'Like the fruit, Pomegranate needs patience and concentration for its juicy interior to be fully appreciated. But Marshall-Griffiths shows a welcome originality in her poetic drama, quirky in its perplexingly intangible flavour.'

The Independent

Winner Pearson Playwright Award, Finalist Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, Best New Play Manchester Evening News.

'It strongly suggests that its writer, now Pearson Playwright in Residence at the Exchange, is a talent to watch.'

Manchester Evening News


Pomegranate - Linda Marshall Griffiths

Pomegranate - Linda Marshall Griffiths

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