The Invisible - Drama on 3 on BBC Radio 3
12th September 2021

Original drama set in a speculative future London.

A story of lost people. A story of erasure. A story about the invisible.

The city flourishes, the streets gleam. All the ugly things on the streets, all the people you don't want, bit by bit, one by one, they vanish. London's an island; it's what we always wanted. So easy to live in; so beautifully accommodating.

El Irving disappeared seventeen years ago. When his sister Tor, sees him on screen at a protest outside Westminster Abbey, she embarks on a journey that will lead her to the invisible.

How easy is it to fall through the cracks?

Directed by Nadia Molinari

This play is recorded in binaural sound - please listen with headphones if you can

Linda Marshall Griffiths The Invisible Best Single Drama BBC Radio 3 Drama on 3

The Invisible imagines the possibility of losing your identity, your legal status, because suddenly your citizenship becomes invalid. It imagines a future where everything is digital. It is a drama that imagines millions of displaced people living in refugee camps; people that no-one wants; people held in detention centres because their papers don't prove their right to citizenship.

Finalist Best Single Drama and Winner Best Sound 2020, BBC Audio Drama Awards


The Invisible - Linda Marshall Griffiths

The Invisible - Linda Marshall Griffiths