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A Room of One's Own - a film of Virginia Woolf's classic text for the London Library Literature Festival. 
Screened as part of the Women's Prize, 2023. 

Virginia Woolf's funny, provoking and insightful feminist text on female creativity filmed in the London Library

It is 1928, a woman is asked to talk of women and writing. In the university town of 'Oxbridge' she is refused entry to the gardens and library and discovers the poverty of the one female college there. She searches the British Museum library for proof that women even existed in history.





Filmed in the atmospheric spaces of The London Library, where Woolf, a long-standing member, would once have browsed the book stacks, Charlotte Westenra directs actors Nina Sosanya, Colin Tierney and Sophie Melville in Linda Marshall-Griffiths’ dramatic adaptation of this ground-breaking work, which still resonates today.

"Literature is impoverished beyond our counting by the doors that have been shut upon women."


linda marshall griffiths virginia woolf a room of one's own bbc radio four Indira Varma

And for BBC Radio Four

'Dramatist Linda Marshall Griffiths has done a superb job in turning Woolf’s essay into a believable play. It’s set in the university town of Oxbridge”, where the young female writer is

told to get off the college grass, unable to enter the libraries without a male companion and expected to live off a diet of yellowing Brussel sprouts.'

Radio Times.

'The lecture was published as an extended essay in 1929, and the award-winning writer Linda Marshall Griffiths has turned the text into a funny and thought-provoking play. Indira Varma, plays “Woman” (Woolf), musing on women and writing, and imagining scenarios such as

what might have happened if Shakespeare had a sister, as well as conversations with Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen.'

The Times

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